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Who is he, and where is the area code? You cleaned your desk and find a scrap paper with a scrawled phone number no name, just the number

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Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup : How to Find Mobile Numbers?
A woman suspects her husband of cheating on her. She sneaks a peek at his cell phone bill only to discover lots of calls to the same number. When she tries to use one of the White Pages reverse phone number lookup services to determine who owns the number, she gets nowhere, because the calls are being made to a cell phone.
You see, you can easily find someone's landline number. Unless you specifically request it, and pay extra, your landline will be a matter of public record. It seems that you should just as easily be able to look up cell phone numbers online. But that is not the case. An all inclusive cell phone database doesn't yet exist.
A cell phone number is not a matter of public record so it isn't so easy to track down. And many people would consider that a good thing. I personally want my cell phone number to be confidential, don't you?
However, things might be changing. There is an interesting twist to this scenario. There are now search engines that allow you to search for a cell phone user by entering their cell phone number on a reverse look up phone directory. There are many reasons you might want to look up cellphone numbers. You might what to see where all those hang ups come from or you may want to track a number on your phone bill.
A reverse phone search is the same tool once used only by law enforcement and private investigation firms to gather detailed information when all you have to work with is a phone number. The process is remarkably simple - just plug the number into the search prompt at Reverse Phone Detective. From there, you will have instant access to such details as the owner’s name, billing address, cell carrier, and much more.